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Italy's flag colors and interpretation

The Italian tricolor is stricly related to French tricolor (tricolore). Infact it was first established during the Napoleonic Wars by French republics in northern Italy , who styled it after the French tricolor, with green instead of blue. In 1848 the design was adopted by the house of Savoy, which went on to lead the Italian unification.
The italian flag in his current form was adopted after the world second war, on 1st january 1945, after Italy becoming a republic.
An interpretation of the colors:
Green: The Hope.
White: The snow on the alps
Red: The blood of who died for italian independece.
Curiosity: the same colors are adopted by mexican flag.
Celebratory day (as known as National Flag Day) is set to 7th January

Picture/Photo/Images of tricolor

photo by Dodo_anji
photo by NaturalBlu

Curiousity/Videos about Italian Flag

Carla Bruni
carrying a folded IF at the opening ceremony og XX Olympic Winter Games torino 2006
Frecce Tricolori, of the best and most famous military aerobatics formations in the world, drawing the tricolor IF in the sky (marvellous).

Information, hystory, resources about Italy's Flag

Centro Italiano Studi Vessillologici storia della Bandiera Italiana (*resource in Italian Language)