Finding the Best Package Deal for a great holiday in Italy

So what can possibly compare with the marvellous choice of a package holiday in Italy? Like a child in a sweetshop perhaps, or your birthday and Christmas day rolled into one. Maybe it`s that pleasant surprise that comes when it`s least expected.

Visit Milan, the heartbeat of modern Italy; where business co-exists with the glories of opera, where the catwalk leads to some of the finest restaurants in the world. Even in a country well known for its elaborate religious architecture, Milan cathedral takes some beating. Then take that special trip and let Lake Como visit your mind. It`s Italy`s most popular vacation lake where old meets new, apartments snuggle in the hillsides and all is well.

Then of course, there`s the Daddy – Rome, or Mama Mia if you prefer. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain, take a guided tour around the Coliseum or just, as the Beatles sang, `Let It Be.`
Built on seven hills the Eternal City boasts vibrancy on nearly every street corner. This city is very alive. The Vatican is a must and make your way to St Peter`s Square where it feels you are standing in history.

There`s no arguing Italy is the birthplace of the modern society but it`s so much more besides. To the north of the country ski resorts abound. Head for the Alps or the Dolomites. Sauze d`oulx, popular with the Italians themselves is just a short coach ride from Turin. It is popular, the après ski is second to none and the food isn`t bad either.

If it`s a holiday you want by the sea, then the Gulf of Naples will fulfil those desires. Naples itself is the third largest city in the country and with all the trimmings. It`s warm, it`s lively, it`s theatrical. It`s coffee on the piazza. It`s a sea as blue as you could only imagine. There`s pizza as you could only imagine too and of course the ice cream. It has to be Neapolitan.

Take the Amalfi drive along the coast and take in the little darlings of Positano and Sorrento, just two of the towns and villages that accompany this most spectacular of journeys. Out in the bay is the isle of Capri, a haven for artists and writers and the chairlift to the top of the island is as spectacular as it gets.

Venice has a charm all its own. A gondola tour along its myriad of canals is a great way to experience the romance of quite possibly the most beautiful city in the world. Sunset is spectacular as the spires on the churches seem to head for the sky. There are galleries filled with famous works of art. Walk across the Bridge of Sighs, bringing your dreams with you. Sophistication is always in the air. Let the orchestra at night in St Mark`s Square bring the curtain down on yet another blissful day and in order to make all this happen, you need look no further than Groupon for that special deal.

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