Taxi service in Rome – Cabs in Rome

Taxi Wall
A valuable service in Rome is that of the Taxis. Among the public transport Cabs are definitely the most secure service for tourists that can protect themself from pick-pocketing and muggings that occur daily on subways, trams and buses especially in night time.
The advice regarding taxis is to contact the official company via telephone before taking one, and you can also book one online.
Taxis in Rome are also evolving in terms of technology, with cameras on board that are connected directly with the police, informational videos for what concerns tourism and monuments to visit and accessibility for disabled people.
Best known taxis cooperatives in Rome are Assotaxi, Samarkand and the Cooperativa Radio Taxi, all have many resources of all kinds.

Useful Cabs Numbers:

AssoTaxi free number 800090214 (official website)
RadioTaxi 06 3570
Samarkand Cooperativa 06 5551