Train from Venice to Rome – how to information, ticket prices – fares, online schedule

We think it could be useful to provide some answers to the most common questions about traveling from VENICE to ROME by train.
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Question: how can I buy my train tickets from Venice to Rome?
You’ll be fine buying tickets on the spot at the departure station, from TICKET OFFICE DESKS or from an automatic machine, which also has an English language option and accepts cash/debit/credit card.

(Sometimes the credit card option of the machine could not work..check before you start).
Always check the time schedules online (visit the website: ), so you can arrive to the station enough in advance so to have time to buy the ticket either way (you may find queues).
If you want to buy the ticket online, just go to or
There’s also a useful english version of the website, that is

There’s a way to board the train without having to pick up a printed train ticket. You may buy your “TICKETLESS” ticket online,or over the phone, up tp 10 mins before train departure, calling call center: +39 06 68475475
Visit: for more infos.

Question: where can I check the time schedule?
Just go to, and fill in the form as indicated in the picture.

Question: How long does the journey take?
It varies depending on the type of train you catch.

Question: How much is the train fare from Venice to Rome?
The rate/fare depends from train type (in italy: combination Regionale(R)+Espresso(E) (1st class 36.30€, 2nd class 31.40€) , Intercity (IC) (1st class 56€, 2nd class 41.50€) , Eurostar (ES) (1st cl.80.80€, 2nd cl. 56.10€), combination IC + ES (1 change) can be more expensive than the single ES ( 1st cl. 87.10€, 2nd cl. 62.10€).
To date, fares start from approximately 30€ up to 90€.

Question: What is the frequency of the available trains ?
Almost hourly.

Our considerations:

For a more comfortable journey choose Eurostar or Intecity.
For a low cost but less comfortable journey choose Regionale train.